Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scrapbooking without pictures

For those of us who have been Scrapbooking for some time, we may find ourselves in a sort of "scrapers block" of some sorts.  I found a great way to move beyond that block....Design pages without the pictures!  This allows your creative side to flow. Pictures can be added later!

 In the past I have taught classes on this technique. If you don't feel the creative juices flowing, it is "OK" to use examples from magazines, books or even use books created to do just that. A great reference comes from Close to My Heart. They offers books with all the instructions. (Want to know more...just contact  me! )

Here are a few of my examples (note designs are not all my originals):

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  1. Charlotte, I'm the same way. I think I almost prefer to scrapbook blank pages. I love when I have a stack of layouts waiting for pics and one day I sit down and fill them with pictures and finish embellishing. It makes me feel like I've accomplished a ton in one day.